YMMV: Lars von Trier

  • Love It or Hate It: Lars von Trier is a major candidate for the most divisive filmmaker in the history of cinema. Either you think he's a brilliant, underrated genius who singlehandedly reinvented the very art of filmmaker or you think he's a arrogant, pretentious Attention Whore that lives to make audiences as bitter and miserable as his films.
    • To drive this point home, The Movie Show's Margaret Pomeranz gave Dancer in the Dark 5 stars out of 5, while her partner, David Stratton, gave it zero stars. That was the only time that'd happened in the history of the show. To that Lars is a polarizing figure is an understatement.
  • Magnum Opus: Generally agreed upon to be Breaking the Waves. At the very least, it's one of his few works that has actually achieved a good consensus from critics.
    • Some may cite Dancer in the Dark or even Nymphomaniac as this as well.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: In addition to his reputation as a filmmaker, the amount of things that von Trier has said in the past certainly doesn't help. But notable examples have included telling Peter Jackson that he would have made a better The Lord of the Rings adaptation and saying he understood Adolf Hitler while at the Cannes Film Festival (Nazism is a touchy subject in France) which led to a lifetime ban from the festival.
  • True Art Is Angsty: Lars didn't invent this game, but he now owns it the way Tiger Woods owns golf.