YMMV / Landstalker

  • Ear Worm: Although the soundtrack is not quite Awesome Music in level, it is quite catchy.
  • That One Level: The designers came up with some insanely clever puzzles that's gotten many a gamer into fits of rage - especially since they're all absurdly simple in hindsight. One example in The Very Definitely Final Dungeon evaded true completion for years - two buttons on a platform Nigel can't jump onto, and must have two ambulatory statues press for him. Even the Sega help line insisted that the solution was for Nigel to very quickly perform an insanely difficult reverse Cranium Ride, ducking between platforms to let the statues walk over his head to the buttons. Turns out if Nigel jumps when the statues try to walk on his head, the statues will jump right onto the buttons.
  • What Could Have Been: The remake for PSP ...featuring a fully rotatable camera in a perfect 3D reconstruction of the original game...that was summarily canceled.