YMMV / La La La Dema Cia

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: A lot of memes filter into the depictions.
  • The Scrappy: It looks like they're trying to invoke this on Teemo, by giving him a whiny pervy kid voice, being an ATM on Noxus' side (or so Twisted Fate said), his presence was what enables Master Yi to defeat Singed & co., crying on a drop of a hat nearly on Amumu's level, only in the League to take pictures of girls and by the end of Season 3, Tristana announced him 'the biggest bastard in the world'.
  • Tear Jerker: Season 2 end gives a soul-crushing separation of Wukong and Ahri with Ahri once again going back to square one in her quest to find true love. Although afterwards, comes a Heartwarming one when turns out Guanyin thinks Wukong hasn't repented fully from his mischievous ways and dumps him into Valoran forever, allowing him to reunite with Ahri.
  • The Woobie: Regardless of her positioning as a villain, Leona had it rough, living her life with nothing but insults and no friends except Pantheon. And just when she got her power boost, she ends up on Gangplank's gang and being the bad guy.
    • Ahri is also played up more tragically and sympathetically, with her quest trying to seek love becoming very tragic and her tale with Wukong nearly ended tragically and only fixed via Deus ex Machina.
  • Woolseyism: The English dub. Even more League terms were thrown in for good measure and it still works. For instance, during Tryndamere-Yi-Xin Zhao vs Sona, they're instead making up euphemisms about 'pushing her turrets' or 'tower dive' in place of groping her or doing perverted things on her, causing even MORE Double Entendre. Or Tryndamere 'For 5 seconds (Undying Rage time limit), I got my first experience (first experience of effing a big boobed lady... or first experience POINT?)' Or extra dialogues when the original was just in silence...
    Stay down like a Teemo, Xin...