YMMV: La Madrastra

  • Watch It for the Meme: Chances are non-Mexican viewers know this series as a result of The Soup
  • What an Idiot: Marķa, who upon being the first to find her best friend Patricia's lifeless body, picks up the gun lying next to the corpse and is thus convicted of her murder and sentenced to life in prison.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The final ten or fifteen episodes in particular, in which Esteban and Daniela are tried jointly in Aruba for Patricia's murder, despite there being no assumption or implication that the two committed the crime together. The red high-heeled killer is eventually revealed to be none other than Demetrio, whose masculinity had been so badly battered by the women in his life that he became a Creepy Crossdresser who worships la Santa Muerte and is generally crazy. WTF.
    • In the Alternate Ending, it was not Demetrio, but Fabiola, who had been blackmailed by Patricia about the secret of her retarded son.