YMMV: LEGO Adventurers

  • Awesome Ego: An interesting example regarding Johnny Thunder. In any of the LEGO Adventurers media, Johnny Thunder is depicted as your typical brave selfless hero. Outside the LEGO Adventurers media, however, Johnny Thunder is depicted as self-absorbed, haughty, and egotistical, such as in LEGO Studios Backlot and LEGO Universe. This attitude does not diminish his popularity at all; instead, it only increases it, because his ego is not only backed up by his accomplishments in his own toyline but also gives him quite a few funny lines that make him even more enjoyable.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Johnny Thunder whenever he shows up outside his theme. Most notably his small appearances in The LEGO Movie.
  • Putney Swope Panic: Like other LEGO lines of the 90s, this theme's canon is all over the place. This isn't helped by the fact that characters' names are completely inconsistent from one media to another, and that isn't helped by the whole "Sam Sinister" issue. This makes interpreting LEGO Adventurers canon an even bigger nightmare than usual for a LEGO line.