YMMV / Kyuss

  • Awesome Music: Welcome to Sky Valley. Not to say that any of their stuff is bad, it's just that Sky Valley is the most awesome album out of a discography full of awesome.
  • Covered Up:
    • Minor case, but chances are that most people know "Demon Cleaner" from Tool's covering it live.
    • "Catamaran" is a Yawning Man cover, but the original version was only on a demo tape and Yawning Man isn't exactly a well-known band.
    • "N.O." was originally recorded by Across the River, which Scott Reeder was a member of before joining Kyuss.
  • Cult Classic - One of the most beloved bands that's not mainstream.
  • Epic Riff - "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop" and "Whitewater" are two premier examples.
  • Face of the Band - Josh Homme, aka that guy from Queens of the Stone Age. Kyuss is remembered frequently as "Josh Homme before he was famous".
  • Vindicated by History - A bit like The Ramones, nobody bought the records at the time, but now the influence is everywhere.