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YMMV: Kylie Minogue
  • Americans Hate Tingle: In North America for most of the 90's, Kylie was considered a washed-up late 80's Madonna wannabe instead of one of the biggest stars on the planet. Then "Can't Get You Out of My Head" became a gigantic smash hit in the US. Even then, Kylie's American pop hits are so few and far between that her American chart positions are absent from her Wikipedia discography page.
    • Although, much like ABBA's rather slightly underwhelming success in America during their peak being attributed to Fleetwood Mac simply having a stranglehold on melodic pop during the 70's, Kylie had a similar struggle trying to overcome Madonna's monopoly on pop music in the 90's (remember, this was Madonna during her "Ray of Light" heyday.) By the time Kylie's resurrection came around, it was less that American audiences disliked her, it was more that they'd never heard of her.
  • Covered Up: "Locomotion", especially in Australia.
  • Ear Worm: "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", indeed.
  • Moment Of Awesome: Looking for an Angel in the Aphrodite tour which Kylie did riding of the back of an acrobat in angel wings, suspended above the audience.
    • And her poem made song "Dreams" off Impossible Princess...
  • Narm Charm: "All The Lovers" is this.
    • "Your Disco Needs You", period.
  • One-Scene Wonder: As The Green Fairy in Moulin Rouge!.
  • Theiss Titillation Theory
  • Vindicated by History: Impossible Princess, which was received mostly mixed negative reviews and poor sales when it was first released, receiving only a popular response in Australia. Ever since her return to the spotlight after Light Years, the album has become a underrated favorite among fans and critics, garnering comparisons to Madonna's Ray of Light(which is ironic considering "Impossible Princess" was released a year before "Ray of Light"). Many of her fans hope that she will revisit that type of sound in the future.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Cammy in the live-action Street Fighter movie.

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