YMMV / Kull

  • Complete Monster: The Wicked Witch best known as the Bone Woman is an ancient queen from races that existed before the dawn of humanity. Once known as Hek-La the Hate Witch, the Bone Woman wiped out the entire tribe of the Atlantean Kull and attempted to inspire him to destroy all of humanity as a tyrant. In Conan's time, the Bone Woman once recruited a girl named Janissa as an assassin by having her violated by demons night after night until she was strong enough to fight back. Later faking her own death at Janissa's hands, the Bone Woman manipulated her into massacring a group of monks so the Bone Woman could take control of a monstrous Great Old One to devastate the world. In her final appearance, the Bone Woman manipulates Conan into questing for the powerful Blood of the World so she can achieve greater power, plotting to rule the world as a living nightmare.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: "BY THIS AXE I RULE!"
    • Defeating a Four-armed shark-man under the water.
    • Fighting Thulsa Doom and his life-soaking sword at the end of the world.