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YMMV: Krull
  • Awesome Music: The music during the scene where the group rides the Fire Mares to the Black Fortress.
    • James Horner's score for this film has gotten four different album releases, each one expanding on the previous one.
  • Cult Classic: Stands alongside The Beastmaster, Flash Gordon, Hawk the Slayer, and Big Trouble in Little China as example of cheesy '80s cinema.
  • Dueling Movies: With The Dark Crystal.
  • Ho Yay: Perhaps there's a little between Ergo and Rell. Certainly there's something about the way Rell looks at him upon that first encounter....
    • Not to mention that when Rell stays behind to die, Ergo is the only one who shakes his hand, with a dejected "We had no time". No time for what, I imagine?
  • Moment Of Awesome: The film has its moments.
    • The ride of the Fire Mares.
    • Ergo's tiger transformation.
      • A crowning moment made even better by the (admittedly) Anvilicious Aesop that comes with it: whenever Ergo tries to use his magic for selfish ends, or as a Baleful Polymorph to punish others, it immediately backfires on him. The only times it works as he wants are this moment, and when he provided Titch with a puppy for a while—in other words, when he was selfless.
  • Narm Charm: A big reason a lot of this movie is So Bad, It's Good.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Cyclops standing in the dark, where you only see his one eye. This freaked out Ergo, who then decided to join Colwyn.
    • When the Slayers are killed, they shriek, spark, their heads split open, and you can briefly see wet, dark red things slipping out of their skulls and burrowing into the earth...and it's never explained.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Look! Liam Neeson! Robbie Coltrane!
  • So Bad, It's Good: It has its moments.
  • Special Effects Failure: The Beast was shown with obvious camera tricks.
    • When the heroes are riding the Fire Mares, it couldn't be more obvious that they're in front of a green screen.

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