YMMV / Kousoku Sentai Turboranger

  • Creator's Pet: Zulten is a pathetic Dirty Coward per excellence and is loathed by many. Yet he outlived Lehda, Jarmin and Zimba, and isn't killed until the final episode. Lots of Turboranger fans would agree that he is one of the disliked Sentai villains ever.
  • Growing the Beard: It starts out slow, but once Yamimaru comes in, the show gets really good.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The title translates to "Hi-Speed Task Force TurboRanger". Who would've guessed the West would make a series holding the word "Turbo" 8 years later?
    • In a bit of wordplay by different homophonic Kanji, "Kousoku" can also mean "Lightspeed". So, yeah.
  • Meta Mecha: Super Turbo Builder Robot.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Episode 27 is this for Jarmin. She revives Suzunari Bouma, her Monster of the Week, and orders her to kill the Turborangers and she'll revive her Bouma tribe. Suzunari Bouma disguises herself as a human girl and fools Youhei into falling in love with her, but she becomes the mask and refuses to use the controlling spell on him when the time comes. Jarmin takes Suzunari Bouma back to her lair, where she whips Suzunari Bouma and throws some of the beads that Suzunari Bouma's tribesmen are trapped inside to the ground, killing some of them and threatens her. This makes Suzunari Bouma finally use the spell, cue "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight between Youhei and Riki while the rest of the rangers find Suzunari Bouma. When Suzunari Bouma stops using the arte, Jarmin kills the rest of Suzunari Bouma's tribesmen, then whips Suzunari Bouma to death. She then makes her monster grow so thet the Turborangers will have to finish her off.
    • She already passed it since Episode 19. She revives the two halves of Goukaku Bouma, brothers Hyouma and Enma. Hyouma doesn't want to fight since it'd make Enma die just like in the past, Enma likes to fight. Jarmin wants both of them to combine, so what does she do? Swear friendship with blood with Enma so he could attack Hyouma for being a traitor. Then suddenly for unknown reason, she attacked Enma to coax Hyouma to combine. Enma ends up Taking the Bullet for his brother, forcing Hyouma to combine with him in order to preserve Enma; both end up as mindless monster, forcing the Turborangers to kill them (especially hard for Shunsuke, who had a similar experience).
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Turbo Builder is this for the Turborangers at first. As the ginormous hunk of metal emerges from underground, none are sure on whose side it stands. It's not until after the Turbo Builder takes out its first Bouma that its purpose is explained to them. The haunting music that accompanies its debut doesn't help either.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Came after what was essentially the golden age of Sentai, a four season long stretch from Changeman to Liveman. Thanks to Choujin Sentai Jetman coming soon after, both Turboranger and the succeeding season, Fiveman, are not that well known among Sentai seasons.