YMMV / Knight's Contract

  • Complete Monster: The wicked Dr. Faust is a Mad Scientist obsessed with the Anima del Monde, an artifact which will allow him to gain ultimate power. Using his power to bring The Black Death upon Europe, Faust frames a group of innocent witches and subjects them to torture and execution to obtain their pieces of the Anima del Monde. Faust later resurrects them, using their anger and hatred at their deaths to send them against humanity, causing innumerable innocent deaths all so Faust can manipulate the only surviving witch into his grasp to obtain the final shard and achieve godhood for himself.
  • Tear Jerker: The death of Minukelsus.
  • That One Level: Simply put, any level where you can die by falling off into bottomless pits. That includes the fights with Holda, Trendula and Verderinde (Revenge Incarnate)