YMMV / Knight of Lolicon

  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Americans tend to hate with a passion Dragon Ball GT, any Sailor Moon season featuring Rini, any Pokémon season post Johto Journeys, anything dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment (Yu-Gi-Oh! and One Piece) any post 80's Transformers series... Guess what, Spanish-speaking countries just love them, and the fic is made of them. Be aware..
  • Word of God: So, let's clarify some things out by asking the author:
    • This is a complete and utter case of Author Appeal.
      • Word of God confirms this is the case. The Token Loli groups chosen (and by extension the whole chapters) are based on his favorites. He got a bunch of fantasy-fulfillment plots and mixed them with some What If scenarios that seemed interesting.
    • Most of the series are rather obscure /not mainstream enough.
    • The ending comes out of nowhere.
      • Word of God informs us that the most visited chapters are, and I am not quoting the Bible: 'the First and the Last'. What does that mean? If you skip chapters because you don't like / don't know about the base series it uses, of course the ending will take you by surprise.
    • Mike is not a loser, he is too powerful / Xig-lem is too powerful.
      • Word of God thinks that is a natural result of throwing an occidental otaku in TV Land: his meta knowledge instantly puts him ahead of Toon World characters. The villain is even more egregious because he is the villain: he doesn't even have to abide by the rules. Seems that an Ascended Fanboy can only be beaten by... another Ascended Fanboy.
    • Linda is just Too Good for This Sinful Earth.
      • Okay, spoiler alert. Linda was a blank slate created by the Goddess to cater to her future savior's likings, that is: she would look like what the chosen human liked most. Also, Word of God says she's an artificial construct that does not age, that's what she meant in the ending: 'I can be whatever you want'.
    • The heroes are inmediately accepted / rape the canonic plots.
      • Word of God states that it is because the canons visited are plagued with Friend to All Living Things Idiot Heroes, who don't really mind. Some dimensional travellers appear and want to befriend you? Well, weirder things have happened. For some at least. About the canon derailment... it is not really noticeable if the episode ends with a Reset Button or events just happen in time periods out of canonic plot focus (most of them happen after the base series have ended)
      • And it is easier to digest if you just think they interact with the characters in a Kingdom Hearts esque way.
    • The chapters always have a Suetastic Duel Boss until the end.
      • Word of God wants to add this: what happens when a unstoppable force meets an unmovable object? Yes: the hero and the villain had to be in an eternal stalemate until the end. they are the same person from 2 different dimensions, so they just cant' kill each other. Only when Mike stripped both of them of their powers he could solve matters with good old Talk to the Fist... and then the Giant Space Flea from Nowhere came to steal the spotlight.