YMMV / Kinou Nani Tabeta?

  • TearJerker: The stories of some of Shiro's clients can have you screaming "Not fair!" at the manga. Take the poor soul in #11: Her husband has an affair and then she's institutionalized for mental health problems — and while she's in hospital, her cheating husband unilaterally files for divorce. When she gets out, said husband has full custody of their son, and refuses to give her any visitation rights. This leads her to end up screaming for her son at her ex-husband's house, giving him more ammunition that she should be totally denied any access to her child (he maintains that, with his son "accepting" his father's new wife as his mother, he doesn't want to "confuse" his son by reintroducing his biological mother). She meekly accepts her husband's disgusting treatment of her, and doesn't intend to legally challenge him on his infidelity or his taking advantage of her poor mental health. By abjectly grovelling to the ex-husband, the only concession that Shiro manages to win for this distraught mother is that she's allowed to watch her son as she plays with the her ex and the woman her ex dumped her for from a distance — and even then, this is only permitted if Shiro gives up his days off to accompany her. So once a month she gets a front row seat to the family life her ex denied her as he plays happy families with their son and his former mistress. Ouch.