YMMV / Kingdom Under Fire The Crusaders

  • Growing the Beard: Crusaders was already a great game, but only with Heroes adding to the story did the tale of the Encablossa War truly blossom into a complex tale of war, politics and intrigue, granting many side characters more depth and filling out parts of the story yet unexplained.
  • Memetic Badass: Regnier, in-universe and out of it.
  • Padding: Unlike The Crusaders, where every mission is a story mission, Heroes has two Level Grinding Random Encounter missions every 1-2 story missions. They are optional, but consistently not taking them will make an already very hard game almost impossible. That said, half of Regnier's and Kendal's campaign in Crusaders consists of story-free open battle missions, too.
  • Sequel Displacement: Few people have heard of its predecessor, Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes, released on the PC. It's even more unique/weirder than this game.
  • Player Punch: Rubert's death during Gerald's campaign.
  • Tear Jerker: The ending to Lucretia's campaign is surprisingly poignant, even without dramatic slowmo or sad music. It's just so cruel to simply end her campaign at such a depressing moment, even if one didn't like Rithrin. It's extra-bad if one has already played Heroes and knows how things play out from then on. Lucretia goes off to join the Kaedes and everything you fought for in her campaign ultimately comes to naught.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The games draw some pretty obvious parallels to the historical crusades (and not the idealized variant either, but the unforgiving war of extermination between races and ideologies), and one might also see a few similarities to World War One.