YMMV / King of Thorn

  • Complete Monster: Zeus, head of security for Venus Gate Labs, is a chaos-loving maniac who gleefully participates in the Venus Gate’s twisted human experiments to harness the power of Medusa. When Shizuku's powers go out of control, Zeus ensures said powers kill as many people as possible. Zeus then proceeds to turn himself into data, download part of his code into Shizuku, manipulate her powers to murder everyone on the island the Lab is located, then releases an army of monsters onto the Earth to destroy anything they come across. After his old rival, Marco Owens, confronts him, Zeus has him beaten to death and reveals he plans to turn most of humanity into his own "Zeus Race", and then kill any humans left. Zeus then captures Kasumi and forces her to watch as he painfully transforms her friends, one of which is a child, into more Zeus Race beasts.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The movie was internationally praised as got nominated as the 2010 Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Animated Feature Film (although it lost to Piercing I).
  • Inferred Holocaust: The state of the world outside the island is left deliberately vague, though there is at least some hope: Marco points out that other people infected with Medusa would be able to create their own monsters to fight Zeus'.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Zeus
  • Narm: Catherine transformation. Can you say "chicken breasts?"
  • Nightmare Fuel: Copious amounts of Gorn, Cruel and Unusual Death, characters being chased by one Super-Persistent Predator after another and sometimes Eaten Alive, plus Kasumi's nightmares and suicidal tendencies. Then there's Medusa itself causing all kinds of Body Horror. And this is all within the first book!
  • The Untwist: Although it still not easy to guess, the movie uses more Foreshadowing for Kasumi's Tomato Surprise revelation, which in the manga came almost from nowhere.
  • The Woobie: Kasumi.