YMMV / Kimagure Orange Road

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Madoka is often lauded for being a well-crafted (and one of the first) tsundere characters but many others see her as an overly perfect woman that Matumoto created for his self-insert Kyosuke to end up with. She is a tall, dark and mysterious girl with too many talents to list. A few of these talents include knowing martial arts, being able to play 20 different musical instruments, being a great dancer, dressing so wonderfully she gives others fashion advice, perform complicated gymnastics stunts, get the top marks in the school, play tennis at a professional level, and surf a giant wave that has killed numerous people before - all while being a notorious ex-gangster with absent parents. Madoka is flirtatious and always being fought over by boys but she is still a virgin, since no matter how many terrible things a girl might do, she is still good if she has kept her virginity. Kyosuke is constantly worried that she might have had sex before because that would mean she is Defiled Forever - he is relieved when he learns that she is still "pure", and Madoka eventually "gives it up" for Kyosuke. Out of all the eligible suitors she has met in life, she chooses the incredibly average Kysouke. The plot chalks them up to being each other's One True Love as Madoka first fell in love with him after he travelled back in time to meet her younger self. He was her First Kiss and thus she modified her entire personality to become more girly as per his request and had been "saving herself up" for when she would meet him again as an older girl. Madoka's backstory is never really explored, and she has no real faults because as a tsundere character - her moodiness and delinquency are played off as attractive. The anime really goes out of it's way to make Madoka look amazing while reducing Hikaru to a screaming lunatic with Kysouke only being indecisive in how he should deal with Hikaru and not with which girl he likes more.
  • Base-Breaking Character: In the past people could not decide on whether Kyosuke was a relatable and adorkable everyman or if he was a sexist and hypocritical idiot. Due to Values Dissonance, nowadays he has become more of The Scrappy.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: With Shirou Sagisu as the head composer, you bet your ass this series has awesome music by the wazoo.
  • Die for Our Ship: Hikaru has been bashed and hated for decades by rabid Madoka/Kyōsuke shippers. See Revenge Fic.
  • Deader Than Disco: This was one of the biggest series of the 80s but you hardly hear about it nowadays due to massive Values Dissonance. New reviews for the series are overwhelmingly negative. Many positive reviews for the series date back to the 90s internet era, and if they are modern reviews then they admit to a case of Nostalgia Filter for not having seen the series in years. There is some middle ground with people acknowledging it has aged terribly but is significant for pioneering many of the tropes found in modern shounen romantic comedy by borrowing ideas from American teen movies.
  • Designated Hero: Kyosuke is presented as a Nice Guy by the plot but he has a lot of Jerkass behavior, mostly through being sexist and dishonest. He controls what his sisters can do such as what they wear, he lies to everyone, he strings along Madoka and Hikaru for years (who are also best friends, nonetheless) and constantly breaks their hearts in the process.
  • Escapist Character: Kyosuke is this as he serves as both an Author Avatar for Izumi Matsumoto and Audience Surrogate for the fanboys attracted to Madoka.
  • Fanon: There is a great deal of fanon about Takeshi and Akemi. Fanon has it that Takeshi had at least one older brother, and Akemi's only siblings were female. Takeshi thus took on the surname Kasuga (his wife's name), and this is why Akane and Kazuya's last names are Kasuga. However, the problem is that Kazuya and Akane's surnames have NEVER been given, either in the anime or manga. It's also quite possible that this bit of lore was created by usenet discussions back in the late 80s where it would be necessary to differentiate between the Akane the poster was talking about (Ranma 1/2's or Kimagure Orange Road) hence leading to Akane being called Akane Kasuga. There is also an inherent contradiction, since if Akemi only had sisters, Akane and Kazuya would have a different last name anyway.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Back in the day the anime was wildly popular in Italy with the title ''È Quasi Magia Johnny'', and is still regarded as a classic. In fact, the Italian counterpart of the Betty and Veronica trope is named after Madoka and Hikaru (their Italian names "Sabrina and Tinetta") as seen here, since Betty and Veronica themselves are not that famous in Italy.
  • Narm:
    • Madoka fights with guitar picks and the lengths the series will go to make her look cool can come off as Totally Radical. This is most prominent in episodes featuring Madoka's sukeban days, especially the one with the skateboard race.
    • All of the English dialogue in the "Hawaiian Suspense" OVA.
    "We TOLD ya to bring AAAAALL of da MONEY!" "BAAT! We aa onrienjunior HIGH! We don't get, zat much, all-LOW-ance!"
    "We gonna trow you off da OCEAN... at WAI-KI-KI." "An' feed ya to da SHAAKS!"
  • The Scrappy:
    • Hikaru, partly because her hyper personality can get annoying, but mostly because she gets in the way of Kyosuke/Madoka, acting exaggeratedly clingy and affectionate to Tastes Like Diabetes levels.
    • Kyosuke has become this towards newer fans as they become more sympathetic towards Hikaru.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: The situations, tropes, character arcs, etc. now common in many romantic comedy manga and anime probably originate from here.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The background music during a Superman sequence comes this close to the classic movie theme, without breaking into the good part (and breaking copyright).
  • Values Dissonance: The series comes off as incredibly sexist by today's standards. The men play with the emotions of women like a game, staring at them is perfectly fine and ignoring their consent in order to sleep with them is considered honourable and "manly".
  • The Woobie: Hikaru in the first movie.