YMMV: Kevin Smith

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Any one of his movies that has both Ben Affleck and a Batman reference, as he was later cast in the role in 2014. Jersey Girl is probably the biggest one, as Ben Affleck's character is a garbage man who calls his truck "the Batmobile".
  • Lowest Common Denominator - Though Smith's work often plumbs the thematic depths of philosophy, love, faith, family, and friendship...
    Holden: "It's like my grandma said. The real money is in dick and fart jokes."
    -Chasing Amy
  • Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize: His cameo on Law & Order actively subverts this; Smith noted that rather than play the killer, he instead wanted to play "the guy who leads them to the guy who leads them to the guy who leads them to the guy that did it".
  • The Rival: With Tim Burton, though Smith seems to be the only one who still holds a grudge. There was some tension between them after Superman Lives fell apart, but the Broken Pedestal moment for Smith was when he half-joking accused Burton of using a Planet of the Apes reference in Smith's comic "Chasing Dogma" (which would later be used as a plot point in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) for the ending of his Apes remake, to which Burton gave the uncharacteristically nasty response of "I would never read anything written by Kevin Smith." You can find this quote on the back of Kevin's autobiography.
  • Vindicated by History: He's acknowledged that his movies are often too difficult to market to be box office gold and eventually find their niche on home video. His self-funded movies came about as an effort to keep making movies while bypassing the whole box-office bomb part of the process.