YMMV / Kevin & Perry Go Large

  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Follow Me, Toca Me, Comin' On Strong and "Eyeball Paul" amongst others. This film has perhaps the greatest Ibiza dance tracks to ever grace a film.
  • Squick: Repeatedly.
    • "These are the last pictures of Perry the virgin, for tonight Gemma is going to see what it down my trousers. And what is down my trousers? Would you like a look?" Cue a terrifying shot of maggots and slime.
    • The 'bigger boys' at the club who vomit from a balcony all over Kevin and Perry.
    • "It's a floater!"
    • Candice and Gemma getting ready to go out.
    • Eyeball Paul loses his eye to a vodka bottle in the end credits sequence. It's seen floating inside.