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YMMV: Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
  • Arc Fatigue: Kenichi's development has gotten this reaction as of late with many claiming that his growth has stagnated ever since his rematch against Tirawit which occurred about 150 chapters prior to the most recent chapter.
  • Ass Pull: Shigure Kosaka's ultimate technique: Soutou Kyourenzan, which is telekinesis limited to weaponry. Even in a setting like this, such a technique is off the wall.
    • The reveal that the One Shadow of Yami and the murderer of Miu's mother was not Saiga but infact an imposter pretending to be Saiga. Fan reaction has been quite split.
  • Awesome Music: Kenichi's theme.
    • At least in the dub, Night on Bald Mountain plays almost every time Siegfried shows up.
    • The openings "Be Strong," and "Yahoo!" Are pretty awesome too.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Miu, many fans were not happy with the reveal that after the Miu rescue arc, Miu was once again a much stronger fighter than Kenichi. This then led to arguments about when Kenichi should become better than Miu or if he should at all. She's also the poster-girl for the amount of backlash this manga receives for its "unnecessary" fan-service as described in Broken Base.
    • The rest of the Ryonzapaku Dojo (and the evil masters, as well). Either they are extremely Crazy Awesome (even the ones that could be labeled as Complete Monsters) or they are so obscenely overpowered that the author has to set absurd contrivances and unwritten rules in order to keep anybody (from the disciples to the friggin world governments) useful.
  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: Who else but Siegfried?
  • Broken Base:
  • Cargo Ship - Kii Kagerou x Setsunamaru (his sword). Completely canon; when he is forced to use another, he apologizes aloud for cheating on her. He also frequently calls her "beloved". It's even reciprocated.
    • Siegfried's first love was a violin.
  • Complete Monster - YAMI master Silcardo Jenazad couldn't stand lasting peace, so he incited a civil war, which he's still actively maintaining, in his own country 20 years ago. During said ongoing civil war, one of Jenazad's servants informs him that the men, who joined his side, because they were devoted to his cause, will die in large numbers if they persist in the current segment of the conflict. Jenazad's response: "So?" For his research purposes Jenazad causes his past students to fight and kill each other. He causes an avalanche to kill his own modern-day YOMI student, who, granted, isn't a very nice guy himself to begin with(except he survives). Jenazad also almost manages to trick fellow YAMI member Akira Hongo into killing the titular protagonist as well as kidnaps and brainwashes Furinji Miu into becoming his newest cold-blooded disciple. He later supervises the brainwashed Miu's battle against Kenichi, with the expressed purpose of getting her to kill Kenichi, following which her mental state will be completely subject to Jenazad's manipulation and the brainwashing process to convert her into his thinking will be complete. Jenazad detests peace so much he is willing to kill his country's deposed princess (the sister of the aforementioned 'dead' YOMI disciple), who is all for restoring peace to the nation. Silcardo Jenazad winds up being the only Nine Fist member to get killed off for real - by a fellow Nine Fist, the aforementioned Akira Hongo, no less.
  • Crazy Awesome - All of the masters are crazy and awesome to various degrees. Siegfried, the guy who spins around like a top and sings while pounding his opponents into dust also deserves a mention.
    • Shigure gets a crowning moment of Crazy Awesome in chapter 285. She and Kenichi are ambushed by three skilled assassins after Shigure's head. She takes out all three of them (two of them with her hair ribbon) and left all three alive. Awesome enough. What puts this in Crazy Awesome territory is that she does all this while completely naked. Also randomly decides to terrify waitresses with shurikens and thrashes delinquents with spoons.
    • In 363 Ma Kensei just took down four female members of Yami's weapon division by Clothing Damage. Yes, Clothing Damage. He's just that good.
    • How could we forget "Laughing Fist" Diego? He's that focused on entertaining the audience, that even after getting hit and defeated by Ma Kensei's ultimate attack, he first moves into the perfect camera angle to fall down.
    • Over the course of their two battles, Akisame Kotetsuji and Alexander Gaidar attack one another with sculptures made from steel rebar, carve statues out of rubble and generally turn whatever place they're fighting in into an art museum.
    • Siegfried also counts.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Renka, despite not appearing very much till about chapter 310, is incredibly popular.
  • Fetish Fuel: Shigure, naked but for very revealing chainmail and a thong fundoshi, on the back of a Harley...
    • Maybe 1 in 8 to 10 title pages for each chapter, really.
  • Foe Yay: Some people claim this is the case between Sakaki and his Rival the God Fist. After seeing this page, they may be on to something. Although they were just kicking the two people behind the other.
    • Both of Renka's fights against Rachel. In the amusement park, they end up wrestling each other stark naked. Also, Rachel didn't strip them for attention, since there was no one there.
  • Magnificent Bastard - Niijima, though he becomes less of a bastard over time (but not enough to no longer qualify for this trope).
  • Memetic Mutation - "This is Diego Quality!!!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: The end of Chapter 524. Ogata crushes Tanaka's head with an elbow strike.
  • Ships That Pass in the Night - Some people seem to have gotten the idea that it's actually possible for Renka to end up with Tanimoto or Takeda. This is more of a Pair the Spares kinda thing due to it being blatently obvious that Kenichi is Miu-sexual.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The entire Hachiou Executioner Blade team. They were built up as equals to the the top Yami masters, but are treated as little more than an ineffective Quirky Miniboss Squad. They have their own band of weapon-wielding disciples in Yomi for the Shinpaku Alliance to fight, only two even have names so far, but aren't as wasted in comparison because they ARE just a Quirky Mini Boss Squad, and are close to overwhelming the Shinpaku Alliance. Time will tell how effective they remain after Yomi-Unarmed's collective Heel-Face Turn.
    • And with the manga having ended, any expectations for further development for the squad (as well as any other characters) is gone.

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