YMMV / Kelly's Heroes

  • Ear Worm - "Burning Bridges"
  • Genius Bonus: Moriarty describing the "captured" Tiger as a "piece of junk" with "fuel leaking everywhere". Deadly as they could be Tiger tanks were also underpowered, mechanically unreliable unless maintained often and notoriously leaky since wartime shortages meant their fiendishly complicated fuel systems (5 tanks and over 120 tubes and fittings) were made with household plumbing pipes instead of military grade materials.
  • What An Idiot: In the opening scene, Germans located their field kitchen just next to a large, water-filled hole in the road. Even without the escaping Jeep, they just had to get thoroughly splashed sooner or later. If one watches carefully, there are many way more suitable places for a field kitchen around.