YMMV / Keith Richards

  • Face of the Band: Very few people can name all the members of The Rolling Stones, but many know Richards and Jagger.
  • Memetic Badass: Should World War III happen, and the world be engulfed in nuclear fire, only two living things would remain in the aftermath: cockroaches, and Keith Richards. Just read the Made of Iron entry on the main page.
    • During one show in 1981 - shortly after John Lennon's murder, when rockstars were understandably wary of Loony Fans - the Stones were in the middle of "Satisfaction" when Keith spotted a lone fan climbing on stage and making a dash for Mick. Keith calmly turned down the volume on his guitar, hit the guy over the head with it, strapped his guitar back on, turned up the volume and kept playing without missing a beat. Then he went down to the police station and bailed the guy out.
    Security was not there. I'm watching Mick's back.