YMMV / Kare Kano

  • Better on DVD: See Shout-Out and Freeze-Frame Bonus on the main page.
    • Right Stuf did their best to invoke this, putting so much effort into making their version a 1:1 adaptation of the Japanese (yes, even re-filming the live-action bits with the English voice actors). They also wanted to ensure the subtitles translated everything which means the first DVD can actually overload older players due to how much information it has to process at once.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • "Whoever screwed up my beautiful (high school) entrance must be an ugly and depressing geek." Yukino got one part of that unflattering description right.
    • Yukino and Arima's relationship for most of the manga after a flashback during the worst of Arima's angst and anger period.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Arima and Asaba have their moments...
    • Arima and Kazuma too. To the extent that sometimes they blush at each other.
  • Superlative Dubbing: There are some dub aficionados who have named this series as among the greatest English dubs ever recorded. Whether one agrees with that or not, it's certainly some of the best acting Veronica Taylor has ever turned in.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • The anime often references the fact that Yukino comes from a middle class background while Souichirou is from a rich family. This is explicitly used to say that Yukino is inferior, as though her family history is forever a stain on her value as a human.
  • The Woobie:
    • Souichirou would be one of the best candidates for the Anime & Manga entry. See the Nightmare Fuel page for an insight into just how severe a case he is.
    • Tsubasa's backstory and the reason/s she was a Clingy Jealous Girl also make her this, at least until halfway through the manga (in a heartwarming way).