YMMV / Kanashimi No Belladonna

  • Cult Classic: Among alternative anime fans.
  • Idiot Ball: It's minor, but Jeanne dies because she first agrees to come to the Baron's castle, and then tells the Baron to fuck off. Had she not come to the Baron's castle at all, she could have simply kept going as before, living in the forest. Had she come and then agreed to the Baron's offer, he would have presumably let her live in peace; she's holding almost all of the cards in their negotiation, seeing as she's the one with a cure to the plague. Hell, she could have even taken a fourth option and kept Jean with her when he came to see her, thus negating any way the Baron could have hassled them. Instead, she takes the dumbest possible route and gets burned at the stake.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The trailer makes no bones about what you're going to be seeing if you sit down to watch the whole thing.
    • Jeanne's rape at the hands of the baron and his men, and later at the hands of the demon.
    • The visual depiction of the bubonic plague's spread throughout the village, and the rotting corpses of the victims.
    • Jean's death, ending with a shot of his eyes and mouth open in horror as he bleeds to death from multiple spear wounds.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?