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YMMV: Kamen Rider Black
  • Awesome Music: A lot of it in this series, especially the ending theme and Henshin, Rider Black!)
    • Black Hole Message is one of the things that can make the words love and peace sound like a Badass Creed.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Shadow Moon remains as one of the more popular go-guys for Kamen Rider villains. So much so that he made a return appearance in a few crossover movies.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: It's popular all right in Japan, but in other Asian regions, it's something of a childhood hero for many who were kids around the 90's, especially Indonesia, so phenomenally popular there that if any Indonesian shows are doing 'tributes' to Kamen Rider, they will be represented mainly by Black.
    • That's because it's the first one to be shown on TV there. It became the Gateway Series. And for Indonesia, Gateway Series are usually very well-liked.
    • It is also rather popular among Brazilian otaku who have the slightest notion of tokusatsu, next to RX (of course, these were the only Japanese Riders to air there).
    • No mention of it's love in the Philippines? Even in the present day, fans there will refer Kotaro as "Kuya Robert".
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: A young Yoko Honna appears as a girl Kotaro helps. Years later, she voices Cure Black.
    • Also, the closing song is unintentionally funny now. "Long long ago twentieth century."
    • When Kotaro transforms into Black in episode 16, Ryusuke Taki calls him 'Kamen Rider', while the English-speaking Professor Smith calls him 'Masked Rider'. Ironically, the sequel series Kamen Rider Black RX would be the first Kamen Rider show adapted in America as, you guessed it, Masked Rider.
  • Memetic Mutation: It's a Gorgom plot!
  • Nightmare Fuel: While not as out-and-out horrifying as some elements in some later installments, there's Golgom's disturbing tendency to almost always go after kids, and there are quite a number of scenes from the poor kid's point of view as the Monster of the Week - not as creepy as some but some are creepy enough - comes for him/her. It had to have put a lot of kids behind the couch.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Shadow Moon's strength will make you cry!
  • Tear Jerker: Being one of the darker installments in the franchise, there are a few moments like this, such as Kotaro's supposed death at the hands of Shadow Moon.
  • The Woobie: Poor Whale Mutant.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Susumu Kurobe shows up as minor villain Dr. Hidetomi Kuromatsu.

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