YMMV / Just Like Heaven

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: This bit of dialogue as Jack and David arrange to move Elizabeth's comatose body.
    David: We're really grateful, Jack.
    Jack: I'm not doin' it for you.
    David: *confused* Then why are you doing it?
    Jack: Because someday, trust me, I'm gonna need help moving a body. When that day comes, I don't want to hear any shit from you.
    • And Jack gets another one-liner later, after David punches out a doctor who didn't buy his fake doctor persona while trying to move Elizabeth:
    Jack: (Noticing the unconscious doctor) Aww David, and the felonies just keep pilin' up!
    • Daryl's pretty funny, particularly with how unconcerned he is about everything. When David and Elizabeth visit him to find some way to help her, he's more bothered that David brought the "ghost girl" in, asking if David is trying to start something.
    • David fainting at the sight of blood.
    • Due to Elizabeth's Ghost Amnesia, she and David try to track down her identity by her few personal items still left in the apartment. They find an address on a piece of paper, but the handwriting is so bad that they get to the wrong place and this gem of a misunderstanding happens:
      David: [rings doorbell]
      Donald: [opens door] Can I help you?
      David: Hi. This might sound a little odd, but I was wondering if you knew a certain woman. Blond, about five-foot-one...
      Elizabeth: [invisible] Two. And a half.
      David: ...Two and a half?
      Donald: Oh, my God. Who are you?
      David: I don't know you. I—
      Donald: Did my wife hire you?
      David: I'm sorry, what?
      Donald: I knew she'd find out. Whatever she's payin' you, I'll double it. Anything you want.
      David: I'm not looking for money.
      Wife: [from the inside of the house] Donald! Who is it?
      Donald: That's her. Come back around six. Anything you want. [closes door]
      David: [looks incredulously at Elizabeth] Wow.
      Elizabeth: What? You don't think I actually had sex with that old horndog.
      David: Kind a looks that way, Lizzie.
      Elizabeth: It's Elizabeth. And that's disgusting.
      David: Well, look on the bright side. At 6:00, I'm coming into some money.
    • And the Brick Joke from the above, right after Elizabeth remembers being a doctor before becoming a ghost:
      Elizabeth: [happily] I may have been a home-wrecking whore, but I saved lives!