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YMMV: Juniper's Knot
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: The fiend makes a lot of claims of doing awful things — cursing families, destroying villages, plotting to wipe out humanity if freed — but there's not a lot of evidence from what she does that she really would or did. Look at the double-handful of chestnuts she cooked while talking about the meteor shower: she was free and clear to haul the boy into the circle and leave when he was giving her them in the first place, but it didn't even occur to her that she could until after he was already gone. And while she claimed to have destroyed the entire village, torturing its inhabitants and razing its buildings, in revenge for their raping and killing her friend (possibly beloved), she also claimed that she would destroy all humanity if freed, and she obviously didn't. It would be as consistent a story if the decaying manor she's trapped in was in the very town her girlfriend lived in, and they trapped her there for having 'tempted' their daughter 'into' lesbianism — whether she killed anyone at all.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: When Fiend finally leaves the circle after untold centuries, she just collapses in the boy's arms and cries.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: "Bleeding", the music that plays in Act 2 when Fiend reveals what happened to her friend/lover.

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