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YMMV: Jungle wa Itsumo Hare nochi Guu
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Does Guu's antics really help Hare out, or was she being a Jerk Ass and the positivity that resulted in it was just an accident.
  • Crazy Awesome: Guu, Guu, GUU!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Every version of Love Tropicana, as well as Deluxe's ending theme.
  • Ear Worm: Love love love, toropika~na!
  • Hypocrite: Despite being as straight as a circle (towards Weda), Bell's shocked about the thought, that Weda may be lesbian, which she absolutely isn't.
  • Jerk Sue: In Final, Guu has a tendency to take things a little too far compared to the other series, such as when she joins in while Haré is being bullied at school.
  • Nightmare Fuel: "Magical Touch! Miracle Light!"
    • Even Haré freaks out when he looks up at the rafters of Rebecca's house and sees this.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: The first ending theme (in the English dub version) is a parody of the MFSB song "T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)".
  • Superlative Dubbing: The English dub of the anime features an all star cast for nearly every character, with Stephanie Sheh delivering one of her best performances as Guu. The script of the dub also manages to make the jokes much funnier while still keeping faithful to the original content.
  • Toy Ship: Several. Haré/Mari is the big one; by the OVAs, her obsession with him must be seen to be believed.
  • Ugly Cute: Pokutes.
    • Guu.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Haré might get mistaken for female sometimes.

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