YMMV / Jump Super Stars

  • Game-Breaker: Sena 3, Trunks 3 and Seiya 3 in Jump Ultimate Stars, oh god. Also, Sanji in Jump Super Stars.
    • The above mentioned 3-Komas are known as The Big Three. To elaborate: Seiya 3 delivers a wide flurry of punches from over the opponent: hard to dodge and block, and a guaranteed knock-down. Trunks 3 is fast, deals a decent bit of damage, and knocks the enemy away—perfect for ring-outs, as it's also hard to block. Sena 3 is fast (i.e., unblockable), flips your opponent in the opposite direction, and stops them from moving; there are no koma to help prevent movement-seals.
    • As far as Battle Koma goes, Dio Brando's strongest version is considered to be this, thanks to his useful The World Special, high priority and nicely damaging Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs. Then there's Taikoubou, who is a real bitch to approach thanks to his normals. Then there's his 6 Koma Special 1 which deals MASSIVE damage, and almost always guarantees Ring-outs.
    • Don't forget Satsuki 2 in Jump Ultimate Stars.
    • Some of the 7 & 8-square characters. Dr. Mashirito 8 basically has a beam attack as a normal move, his specials are even worse and has one of the biggest health bars (given that he's the true final boss). Raoh can instantly cover himself with a giant energy explosion that hits in all directions with ridiculous range & it's one of his normal attacks (and can also be powered up by his neutral strong attack for one usage). He also has one of the biggest health bars. Vegetto's Vegetto Sword starts with an instant burst of energy in all directions that stuns you long enough for you to get hit by the energy sword that comes next which has great range, is one of the strongest attacks in the game & makes you spin in the air, potentially making you fall to your death with no chance to recover. He can also teleport in any direction when using Kamehameha like with 7 Koma Goku, said Kamehameha is the strongest, & he has one of the biggest health bars. He can even be used in the same team as Vegeta even though that's against the rules.
    • Support characters can be used at any time if you're on the ground. This includes when you're blocking, taking hits, lying on the ground after taking hits, & rolling after climbing up from a ledge. Some support characters can be used in the air & some are unblockable or just close enough that nearly any combo involving them will be.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: For Jump Ultimate Stars guarding is extremely effective against everything that doesn't have the guard break ability since you take no damage from anything, including specials. This can become very frustrating during some of the later missions where AI guards when you attack or just playing competitive multiplayer where your opponent will probably just block and drop something undodgeable on you. To top it off, special attacks that have been known to break solid defenses in a character's respective manga doesn't carry the effect over. Very few characters actually have special attack with the guard break quality. Doesn't help that most regular guard breakers are slow enough for your target to stop and sucker punch you.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys (Or Scrub, Depending on who you ask) No Big 3, No Ringouts, No Combo Breaking, Elimination, 90 Seconds, Items and Gimmicks Off, Final Destina- Dark Tournament.
  • That One Boss: Any character with the ability to auto-guard when not attacking at the cost of SP can constitute. 7 and 8 Koma Naruto is especially guilty of this in JUS thanks to having the ability innately, as well as Tsuna and Robin depending on how good the opposing player is or how unlucky you are.
    • The final boss of JUS can be this for the unprepared, outright falling into SNK Boss grounds, pitting you in a 2-on-1 against Frieza and Buu in a slippery ice stage. That alone should hint you that this is gonna be lengthy. After that, the real difficulty begins when you are faced with Dr. Mashirito and his Caramelman J form at their highest Komas, with specials that hit like a truck, moreso if your sorry hide happens to be using a Power character. Did we mention all 4 of them love to abuse blocking? And it's a timed match that could pit you in 2-on-1 Sudden Death with two of the worst characters to face in the small, single platform that is the Sudden Death stage.