YMMV / Jump Start

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    The Game Series 
  • Ear Worm: Jump, jump, jump start first grade!
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Some of the real-world facts in some JumpStart games. Taking the original 2nd Grade for example, a space minigame allows you to visit Pluto ("the ninth planet from the Sun"), the postcard for New Hampshire has Frankie visiting Franconia Notch to see the Old Man of the Mountain (which today no longer exists), and the postcard for Florida features the no-longer-in-service Space Shuttle.
  • Guilty Pleasure: Despite being intended for very young children, the games are still surprisingly fun for an adult audience—thanks to their catchy music, bright and colorful graphics, and some surprisingly well-designed minigames (edutainment or not). We won't tell if you won't.
  • Idiot Plot: In JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade, the plot gets set into motion by the weasel bully Jimmy Bumples pushing a puppy named Squirt, breaking his scooter. The other characters are then determined to win the upcoming scooter tournament so that they can give the prize, a "totally-tricked out super scooter", to Squirt. Problem? One of the characters, Hopsalot, is a mechanical genius who can create devices that could somehow transform small objects ("powerups") into either complex scooter gadgets or complex (and huge) track obstacles. And yet apparently he can't fix a scooter.
  • Name's the Same: Egregiously, both Leap Frog and Jump Start has a firefly named Edison and a cat named Casey in their character roster.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Glop Monster from the original JumpStart 1st Grade and Old Man Jenkins from the original JumpStart 2nd Grade.
  • They Just Didn't Care: Many of the bonus discs that come the games, such as JumpStart Around the World and JumpStart Adventure Challenge. Also, the various art games packaged with some of the JumpStart Advanced games. Let's take the one packed with the JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade, Art Club, as an example. It features no animation, a different voice actor for Frankie from the main game for no discernible reason, and no unique images of the characters - just stock art (sometimes modified). Also, the "stickers" they provide for you to put on the crafts are stickers from a previous (and much better) game (JumpStart Artist), except, for most of them, sports equipment (such as tennis racquets and footballs) is awkwardly stuck in the character's hands (apparently, the fact that the main game was about scooters made them want to give it a "sports theme"). Perhaps one of the most egregious faults is that there's no option to shrink or grow the stickers - which is worse than you might think, because the stickers often scale with each other very awkwardly (i.e. most of the stickers of Edison Firefly, who's supposed to be the smallest character, are huge).
    • The storylines of the spin-off series of workbooks are also this, featuring such things as a lizard from a cave painting coming to life for no explained reason and someone who kidnapped the princess being completely let off the hook - almost as if no one noticed. But it's kinda easy to forgive, since they're workbooks and you normally wouldn't expect them to have any kind of plotline at all.
  • Villain Decay: Polly in JumpStart Typing. In her first appearance in JumpStart 3rd Grade she was a bratty devil child who acts as the Big Bad for the whole game. Then in JumpStart Typing she gets just uppity enough to cause the plot and afterwards is convinced to be good for the remainder of the game. Its possible Typing takes place after the events of 3rd Grade and Professor Spark straightened her out in-between games.

    The Comic Strip 
  • Values Dissonance: Marcy has no problems referring to her adult stepbrothers note - some of whom have barely met her - as "her brothers", as if they grew up together. No one else seems to find it strange in the strip.