YMMV / Judge Parker

  • Arc Fatigue: Like many soap opera strips, plot lines run forever. Even for soap strips, though, Judge Parker pushes this, though not as badly as Rex Morgan, M.D..
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: An unintentional example. As The Comics Curmudgeon blog repeatedly notes, a strip about incredibly wealthy, successful, beautiful people overcoming an endless series of petty hurdles and inevitably ending up even better off than before is both astonishingly out-of-touch and boring.
  • Author Appeal: Paramilitary babes and impassive, square-jawed manly men, if the art and writing are anything to go by.
  • Boring Invincible Hero: Sam Driver and Randy Parker have never suffered a lasting defeat of any kind, in or outside of the courtroom.
  • Mary Sue: All members of the main cast display numerous common Mary Sue traits. Abby Spencer and Sam Driver are a drop-dead gorgeous champion racehorse breeder and invulnerable lawyer, respectively. Neddy is beautiful, an award-winning fashion designer, an accomplished artist whose work is featured in Parisian galleries, and owns a private mansion in the French countryside, all in her early 20's. Sophie is an athletic wunderkind and the captains of her high school's debate team and cheerleading squad. Randy Parker has a nationally-renowned private law practice and is married to a top-ranking CIA blackops specialist who can summon drone strikes and SEAL deployments at will (and was his secretary a decade ago). The eponymous Judge Parker may be the most outrageous of all, having written within the space of a few months the best-selling detective series of all time, despite having zero prior experience. Of course all of the preceding are multimillionaires and at the peak of physical perfection.
  • Wish Fulfillment: You'd better believe it. Never does a storyline conclude where the main cast are not left significantly better off than before (and they were very well-off to begin with).