YMMV / Joker

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: In-Universe but the comic gives weight to the idea: Batman doesn't intervene until the end because Joker killing criminals makes his job easier. The panel of Batman observing from afar is clever but it means Batman spotted Joker early in the comic... and let him murder Tommy Bang Bang and all other criminals. He barely tried saving Johnny too. Or maybe that's how the Joker sees Batman?
  • Broken Base:
    • On whether or not making the Joker a rapist was going too far and Out of Character.
    • The whole character of Joker in this comic has led to debate. Some say he's still in character, just a lot more toned down than normal while others say he barely resembles the Joker personality wise.
    • Making Harley Quinn silent. Some were okay with it, others hated it and thought it was out-of character.
  • Complete Monster: This self-titled graphic novel, released soon after The Dark Knight, was created specifically to remind people that no matter how "cool" The Joker may seem, he is still a monster. After being released from Arkham Asylum and being picked up by a man sent for him named Johnny Frost, the Joker goes to a bar to kill the bar owner by skinning him alive, despite the fact that he was the one who sent Johnny to pick the Joker up. After forcing the Penguin to work for him by threatening to feed him to Killer Croc, the Joker goes on to kill many people, before raping Johnny's wife Shelly. After that, the Joker sets the streets of Gotham on fire, and shoots Johnny when they are confronted by Batman.
  • Fridge Brilliance: It's upsetting for The Joker that Batman pretends to be a monster but still shows he is a square-jawed hero under the mask. It's basically saying that your exterior appearance has no bearing on who you are. The Joker thinks because he looks like a monster, he has to be one. Batman says, nope. It's also a reference to the cover of the trade, showing The Joker's own ugly, bloody jaw.
  • Older Than They Think: Most people would assume that Jokers appearance in this story is inspired by the Heath Ledger Joker in The Dark Knight, but this Joker was actually designed long before the first images of Ledger in makeup went public. The similarities are a complete coincidence.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh so very very much... What do you expect when you have the Joker as the focal point of the story?
  • One-Scene Wonder:
    • The Riddler shows up in a single scene and comes off as the most competent and awesome criminal in the book.
    • Batman also only appears in about four pages, and aside from the word "Us?" he has exactly one line. And it is awesome.
  • Squick: A lot of the scenes involving the Joker, in particular some of his more gruesome murders, but a genuinely creepy example is of him doing something as seemingly innocuous as eating shrimp in a thoroughly revolting manner. And while Croc's deformities are toned down his cannibalism isn't.