YMMV / John Q.

  • Acceptable Targets: HMOs, large hospitals, and essentially any other piece of corporate health care. The entire movie is essentially framed as an attack on the health establishment.
  • Anvilicious/Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: Depending on your viewpoint or how extreme your particular viewpoint is.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: When the abusive boyfriend gets what was coming to him...
  • Designated Hero: The audience is supposed to be cheering John on, but he does a lot of very questionably moral things. He takes an entire hospital waiting room hostage, (which leads to a patient almost dying), he makes doctors work on people at gunpoint (the gun may not have been loaded, but the doctors certainly didn't know that), and he essentially steals a heart from someone else, who will then die because they couldn't find a heart. And on top of that, he never questions his actions or feels any regret about what he's doing. Instead he keeps insisting that what he's doing is right, and chews anyone out who doesn't agree with him. Not only did this stunt waste the police's time and the taxpayer's money, but he also endangered the lives of dozens of people and most likely inspired dozens of copycats, but the audience is not supposed to think about this, because he's the protagonist.
    • That could be the point of the film (see above): explore this scenario in a movie where things work out ideally; no one dies, the patient is saved and the hostage taker gives themself up peacefully to make a statement, rather than wait for it to real-life where nearly anything could go wrong.
  • Strawman Has a Point: At one point, the hospital administrator points out to the police that they cannot, under any circumstances, give John what he wants, or else there would be "guns in every hospital". Despite the fact that John does get exactly what he wants, because he took hostages, this is never brought up again.
    • However, John does get arrested and will be facing jail-time, albeit a more lenient sentence than one would normally get.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Some could argue the hostages in the hospital underwent this, especially due to John's manners that he didn't kill anyone, sympathetic motivations and (for some) relatable circumstances.
  • Values Dissonance: To a certain degree, between American and some foreign audiences. To those in countries that have universal healthcare, many of which consider healthcare to be a human right, the American medical system displayed in the movie (and in Real Life) can range from baffling and complicated to downright horrifying.