YMMV / John Carpenter's Vampires

  • Awesome Music: The main theme.
  • Complete Monster: The Master Vampire Jan Valek is a sadistic predator with a merciless taste for blood and mass murder, boasting how much he has enjoyed the carnage and how many people he has fed on for centuries. Anyone who stands in his way is either killed or used to achieve many of his dark schemes. His relentless blood-drenched massacre at the motel of almost all of Jack Crow's team and the prostitutes they hired for the night is brutal and shocking to see. He and his followers slaughter and butcher a whole group of harmless monks — Valek personally beheads one even after the monk tells him the whereabouts of the Berzier Cross. His goal in becoming truly immortal is simply to extend his reign of terror forever.
  • Sequelitis: Most people aren't aware the sequels exist. John Carpenter not being involved in them doesn't help either.
  • Special Effects Failure: Vampires pulled into sunlight don't burst into flame, but instead appear to light Roman candles up their coat sleeves. Seriously, that's it. This is especially pathetic in light of the fact that filmmakers have been setting stuntpeople on fire for decades, to the point that there are stunt performers who specialize in being on fire.
    • Seems intentional as they do a full body burn in the movie, only it's a monk that's on fire.
    • And besides, vampires DO burst into flames after a few seconds of sunlight exposure, making it most likely intentional.
    • Near the end of the movie Jack, Montoya, and the priest are clearing out the jailhouse. Just before one of the vampires explodes in the sunlight, it's obviously shown to be some sort of mannequin/rag doll.
    • When the cross Jack is attached to at the climax of the film is de-rooted and dragged along the road it's clearly a dummy standing in for James Woods.