YMMV: Joey

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: While the show wasn't nearly as funny as its predecessor, there was at least one gem - the ultimate fate of the Jerk Ass actor who no one liked on Deep Powder.
    "Dude, I get to play a helicopter-blade inspector...and he's a drunk!"
  • Les Yay: Gina, Bobbi and Alex were all implied to have attractions to the same sex on some occasions.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Alyson Stoner as the critic who admittingly gives Joey a bad review without even seeing his movie. There's also a scene that shows she and Joey are Not So Different
  • Retroactive Recognition: Michael's friend/rival Seth went on to be Howard Wolowitz. Hilariously, Seth lived in California with an older relative and was going to school to become an engineer.
    • Michael's actor Paulo Castanzo would go onto star in Royal Pains though previously he starred in the short lived Live Action Animorphs adaptation with Shawn Ashmore who would also fit under this trope.