YMMV / Joel Schumacher

  • Broken Base: Whether or not he's a good filmmaker. While Batman & Robin is unanimously agreed to be his worst movie, there's some debate over whether or not his other movies are any better (both Lindsey Ellis and Todd Nathanson famously despise him).
  • Mis-blamed: Literally everything that was deemed terrible about Batman & Robin, the campier tone, "Bat-Credit-Card", Ahnold in a silly, shiny armor and Uma Thurman's Gorilla-dance, is blamed not on the the meddling executives who are usually the first ones fingers point to in these situations (especially on This Very Wiki), but squarely and solely on Joel Schumacher. By all accounts, the worst he was responsible for was the nipples on the costumes and repeatedly telling the actors "Remember: this is a cartoon!" Otherwise, he was Just Following Orders given to him by the studio, who told him point-blank that they wanted a movie that could sell toys. Schumacher himself famously accepted this blame.
  • Never Live It Down: It's a little known fact that Schumacher directed exactly one movie called Batman & Robin.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: It's safe to say that he's never going to escape the shadow of Batman & Robin no matter how hard he tries (the backlash might be why he avoided lavish style in movies where it'd have been more appropriate). However, his humility over the situation, up to and including apologizing for it, and the fact that he takes full responsibility for something that isn't necessarily his fault has been duly noted by his critics and is seen as a surprisingly big thing for a Hollywood director to do.