YMMV: Joel Schumacher

  • Mis-blamed: A very sad example. Everyone - including Joel Schumacher himself - blames him for everything wrong with Batman & Robin. The truth is, yeah, he designed the "Bat-Nipples" - but most of his other so called "mistakes" were only his response to please the meddling executives. They demanded a more "toyetic" design - a word Schumacher never even heard before. Meaning: Without the "Bat-Credit-Card", Ahnold in a silly, shiny plastic-armor and Uma Thurman's Gorilla-dance, he'd probably have lost his job. Of course, nowadays noone doesn't even think about blaming the Executives - somewhat ironic, as they're almost always the first to be blamed (especially on This Very Wiki) regardless of their actual involvement.
    • The Executives also wanted the movie to be campy like the old Adam West Batman, which explains a lot.
  • Never Live It Down: Without looking at the main page or anywhere else, how many non-Batman films can you name that he directed?