YMMV / Joel Schumacher

  • Mis-blamed: A very sad example. Everyone, including Joel Schumacher himself, blames him for everything wrong with Batman & Robin. The truth is, yeah, he designed the "Bat-Nipples" - but most of his other so called "mistakes" were only his response to please the meddling executives. They demanded a more "toyetic" design, a word Schumacher never even heard before. Meaning without the "Bat-Credit-Card", Ahnold in a silly, shiny plastic-armor and Uma Thurman's Gorilla-dance, he'd probably have lost his job. Of course, nowadays no one doesn't even think about blaming the executives, which is somewhat ironic, as they're almost always the first to be blamed (especially on This Very Wiki) regardless of their actual involvement.
    • The executives also wanted the movie to be campy like the old Adam West Batman, which explains a lot.
  • Never Live It Down: Without looking at the main page or anywhere else, how many non-Batman films can you name that he directed?