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YMMV: Jim Gaffigan
  • Memetic Mutation: HO~T POCKET!
  • Nightmare Fuel: He does a good impression of Satan, complete with a Voice of the Legion when he calls his wife.
    "I'll just call her up, she'll say 'Who is this?' and I'll just go 'THE DEVIL'"
    "She'll always be like 'Why do you do that?' and I go 'BECAUSE I'M GONNA KILL YOU.'"
  • Fridge Brilliance: In the Extenze bit that ends Mr. Universe, Jim says he could never buy Extenze because he wouldn't want to dispute that charge on his credit card. He then plays the hypothetical role of a customer calling in because his penis is still really tiny. According to American Greed, this is actually how Extenze made the bulk of its money back when it was owned by Longitude. If you wanted to dispute a charge, you'd have to go through a lengthy process to "prove" that the product didn't work. Some of this process was measuring your penis and reporting the results. Most people just canceled their subscription...

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