YMMV / Jet Set Willy

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YMMV tropes in Jet Set Willy:

  • Ear Worm: If I Were a Rich Man; it doesn't help that the tune plays whenever you are playing unless you turn the sound down (or turn the music off).
    • And the other version uses In The Hall Of The Mountain King.
    • And the Amstrad/MSX version.
    • The Atari 800 version is an original song (until it starts playing Queen about four minutes in), but quite catchy nonetheless.
  • Fridge Logic: If Maria is the housekeeper, shouldn't she be the one doing the tidying up?
    • The plot is that ordinarily she would, but the party left the place in such a state that she went on strike.
    • Of course, this doesn't explain why Willy doesn't just say "You're fired, now get out of the way so I can get some sleep."
  • Nightmare Fuel: That big green face with the star on its forehead on the "The Chapel" & "Priest's Hole" screens.
  • That One Level: The words "The Banyan Tree" strike fear in the hearts of old-time gamers to this day. "The Nightmare Room" (just to the east of "The Banyan Tree") also gave players the Willies.
    • Ever so slightly subverted, in that there is absolutely no reason to traverse "Banyan Tree". The left hand side goes nowhere, climbing the right side isn't an issue, and you can just go the long way round if you're desperate to get there.