YMMV / Jeremy Renner

  • Memetic Mutation: "Hawkward", after being hug-snubbed at some Avengers functions.
    • "Let's Stretch Bitches!": Renner mentioned during the Jimmy Kimmel interviews that a bunch of hikers were yelling this on his lawn one morning. Fans pretty much appropriated it as an unofficial motto. Probably helps that Renner has a habit of stretching during his filming.
    • "Resting Face": An Avengers interview pointed out his tendency to look rather angry and stern in some photoshoots. He clarified that it was just his "resting face"
    • His sitting dance during an interview and many others have become memetic as well. Just see this page
  • Never Live It Down: Him jokingly calling Black Widow a slut in an interviewnote . Unlike Chris Evans, who made the joke with him, despite them both apologizing for it, Renner reignited the controversy when he went back on his apology and tried to defend the comment, leading to the Double Standard and sexism accusations to be reignited.
  • Retroactive Recognition: His career has taken off hugely in the last five years, so this is often the reaction to previous work.