YMMV / Jeremy Renner

  • Memetic Mutation: "Hawkward", after being hug-snubbed at some Avengers functions.
    • "Let's Stretch Bitches!": Renner mentioned during the Jimmy Kimmel interviews that a bunch of hikers were yelling this on his lawn one morning. Fans pretty much appropriated it as an unofficial motto. Probably helps that Renner has a habit of stretching during his filming.
    • "Resting Face": An Avengers interview pointed out his tendency to look rather angry and stern in some photoshoots. He clarified that it was just his "resting face"
    • His sitting dance during an interview and many others have become memetic as well. Just see this page.
  • Retroactive Recognition: His career has taken off hugely in the last five years, so this is often the reaction to previous work.