YMMV / Jeff Jarrett

  • Base-Breaking Character: Hilarious and talented heel who's Still Got It, or a spotlight hog who won't retire. Mind you, even his haters admit he can still do great matches.
  • Creator's Pet:
    • As founder of TNA, Jeff has gotten a lot of air-time, sometimes at the expense of more worthy performers much to the annoyance of TNA's fanbase.
    • This happened in WCW as well towards the end. Jarrett came back to the company after being a midcarder in his previous WCW run and in WWF, and was suddenly catapulted into being the top heel thanks to friend Vince Russo writing the show. Although seeing as how WCW was in the middle of trying to make new main eventers, Jeff Jarrett's main event push wasn't exactly entirely unwelcome.
  • Memetic Mutation: *takes guitar shot* "Never drew a dime!" Such is the infamy of Mike Graham's comment, you may still see the phrase any time guitars are broken.
  • Never Live It Down: Jarrett being world champion many, many times in WCW and TNA.
  • So Okay, It's Average: At his best, Jarrett will receive this reaction. Wrestling fans will usually be quick to acknowledge even though he's not likely to be a high-drawing main event player and nowhere near deserving of the world title shots he's gotten, Jarrett is pretty solid in the ring despite his flaws in just about every other aspect of professional wrestling. As an upper mid-card performer (e.g. his runs as Intercontinental Champion) he was perfectly fine in that role. But had no business being in the main event.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • His segment about Owen Hart on the "Raw is Owen" tribute show can still make a grown man cry like a baby.
    • A few interviews he did after his first wife Jill died of cancer.
  • Vindicated by History: Similar to his Alternate Company Equivalent Triple H. Probably downplayed or at least otherwise played with, but even his bad habit of putting the title on himself looks like the lesser of two evils compared to a Dixie Carter who ran TNA into the ground, especially when Jeff's Global Force Wrestling promotes talented individuals like Sonjay Dutt who were Screwed By The Company in Carter's TNA.
  • X-Pac Heat:
    • His infamous BLASPHEMY promo lambasting Steve Austin's catchphrase. He was lucky to escape the arena alive.
    • Once cut an 8 minute promo on WWF with a dead, uninterested crowd, except for when said that if he doesn't get his way he'll "pack his bags and walk right out the door". The crowd cheered that.
    • YEAH, Jeff Jarrett wins! He wins constantly to the point where the TNA crowd literally turned their backs on him in silence.