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YMMV: Jeff Jarrett
  • Base Breaker: Hilarious and talented heel who's Still Got It, or a spotlight hog who won't retire.
    • Mind you, even his haters admit he can still do great matches.
  • Creator's Pet: As founder of TNA, Jeff has gotten a lot of air-time, sometimes at the expense of more worthy performers much to the annoyance of TNA's fanbase.
    • This happened in WCW as well towards the end. Jarrett came back to the company after being a midcarder in his previous WCW run and in WWF, and was suddenly catapulted into being the top heel thanks to friend Vince Russo writing the show.
      • Although seeing as how WCW was in the middle of trying to make new main eventers Jeff Jarrett's main event push wasn't exactly entirely unwelcome
  • Tear Jerker:
    • His segment about Owen Hart on the "Raw is Owen" tribute show can still make a grown man cry like a baby.
    • A few interviews he did after his first wife Jill died of cancer.
  • Villain Sue: Especially in TNA's early days.
  • X-Pac Heat: Once cut an 8 minute promo on WWF with a dead, uninterested crowd, except for when said that if he doesn't get his way he'll "pack his bags and walk right out the door". The crowd cheered that.

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