YMMV / Jedi Starfighter

  • Demonic Spiders: Anything with "hex" in its name. Not because they can kill you, but because they can end your Escort Mission in a hurry.
    • Mother Fucking Geonosian Starfighters!! They get downright unfair in Mission 11, when they spam rather strong missiles and spawn on both sides of the Republic cruiser, making them very hard to intercept. And unlike "hex" units, they're just as dangerous to you as they are your escort mission charge.
  • Game Breaker: The X-Wing can turn into this, same with the Advanced Havoc.
    • The Republic Gunship also qualifies, what with its incredibly powerful Hit Scan beam cannons, and turrets that shoot other targets.
    • Once you get Force Reflex, the Jedi Starfighter (and by extension, the Advanced Jedi Starfighter, which starts with all four powers) becomes this. It slows down time for 15 seconds and recharges in 20... and the recharge time is counted by your own perspective, basically letting you slow time to a crawl indefinitely. Need to dodge attacks, take out a swarm of hex missiles, focus firepower on a hard target, or lock down a fast enemy like Captain Toth? Force Reflex can do it all.