YMMV: Jazz Jackrabbit

  • Anticlimax Boss: possibly as the result of a bug, Devan Shell has the potential to become this in JJ2 when playing with Spaz or Lori. If you deveat Devan in his first form (turtle, holding a gun) by only using Spaz's or Lori's karate kick, you can defeat his second form (the dragon) with a single shot)
  • Base Breaker: Lori. See below.
  • Breakout Character/Ensemble Darkhorse: Lori has her own fan site, although it hasn't been updated since 2006.
  • Crazy Awesome: Spaz in his entirety counts for this..
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - What, you thought the name Jazz in the title was just for show? So effing awesome, especially in the second game.
  • Fanon Discontinuity - Most fans try to pretend the GBA release doesn't exist.
  • Game Breaker - Sort of in the second game. Spaz's double jump not only gives him a leg up on maneuverability when compared to Jazz, but the combination of running full speed and a well timed double jump can reach most spots in the game, including places you should need a teleporter to get to.
    • Spaz in general is a Game Breaker. The combination of his super speed, double jump, and sidekick makes going through most levels a piece of cake. When playing online you'll be hard-pressed to find ANY experienced player who isn't playing Spaz.
  • Goddamned Bats
  • Good Bad Bugs - JJ 2 has tons, one of the most dramatic being the Multiple Combo Event. In the level editor, placing 3-6 of certain events in a certain order with certain parameters does anything from generating random bullets (including lasers and beta weapons) to lots of enemies to copies of the main character on a hoverboard, that make you dizzy if you touch them.
  • Memetic Sex Goddess: Everyone is Jazz for Princess Eva, and everything else for Lori.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The levels set in Hell in the second game aren't nice at all, with all those skeletones, trees made of living demons merged together and skeleton turtles wandering all over the place.
  • The Scrappy - Lori to some players, because Epic didn't choose her moveset quite carefully enough (making certain levels next to impossible to beat with her).
  • That One Boss - Bilsy from JJ 2. He teleports around the room and throws fast-moving homing fireballs that chase after you for quite awhile before dissipating.
  • That One Level - Orbitus 2 in JJ 1, if your copy had a certain extremely common Game-Breaking Bug, was very nearly impossible. If it didn't, the level was ironically one of the best in the game.