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YMMV: Jaw Breaker
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Courtney's responsibility for Liz's death is revealed to the school as she's crowned Prom Queen. All the girls begin pelting her with their corsages, screaming vulgarities at her and calling her a murderer as every horrible thing she's done in the movie has finally caught up with her. By the time she gets to the front of the gym, she meets Julie standing there with a camera.
    Julie: Smile pretty, Courtney.
  • Ho Yay: Fern/Vylette really comes off as a Stalker with a Crush towards Liz Purr. She obsesses over her, describes her as perfection and spends all her class time gazing at the beauty marks on the back of Liz's neck.
  • Hollywood Homely: Proven by her in-story transformation, all that made Judy Greer a.k.a. Fern/Vylette ugly was hair that needed some grooming and some non-flattering clothes.
  • Idiot Plot: To quote RogerEbert: "Julie could end it all by speaking out, but she delays, because that would not be convenient for the plot." And the police officer who completely ignores the fact that a woman called the school and not some random male rapist. In defense to Julie, it would've been her word against Courtney, Marcie, and Fern/Vylette, and Julie didn't exactly have any evidence to prove Courtney was responsible.
    • Also, Courtney was a vicious little liar and manipulator . If Julie had gone to the police Courtney probably would've tried to spin the whole thing around and make it look like Julie killed Liz and threatened the others into compliance.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible - For the kind of movie it is, there are some very surreal moments. Like the scene showing Fern's transformation into Vylette immediately.

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