YMMV / Jane Austen

  • Ho Yay: Has her own page now.
  • Crossover Ship: It's definitely a thing in Jane Austen's fandom to Pair the Spares, very often cross-novels. It helps that the world of Jane Austen's books is always very similar pastoral and almost-idyllic version of Regency England. It's not uncommon for characters like good-natured but stupid and extremely wealthy Mr Rushworth of Mansfield Park to be paired with Miss Bingley from Pride and Prejudice who was always after money. Some ship him with Mary Bennet, who is thought to deserve more attention and a wealthy husband.
  • Values Dissonance: Modern readers sometimes sneer at her emphasis on marriage, forgetting that in Austen's day women who didn't marry could end up forgotten at best, starving in the streets at worst. Austen herself, interestingly, never married, and was forced to live off the charity of relatives — and not luxuriously.