YMMV / Jack & Bobby

  • Broken Base: The flash-forward scenes, some like them and think they make the show unique, while others hate them due to finding being too distracting from the main plots.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Roger Sterling was Megan Draper's father.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Oddly enough, of a character name. Robert McCallister, moderate Republican...sound familiar? Rob Lowe's character on Brothers and Sisters was given the same name and political ideology due to the show being made by the same creators, including producer Greg Berlanti, who never got to fully explore Bobby's political career due to Jack & Bobby being canceled. That being said, the Brothers and Sisters version of Bobby drops out of the presidential race. And also, he's running in the present day (i.e. the early 21st century) rather than the 2040's.
    • Bradley Cooper is the recurring character grad school student and Grace's lover interest Tom Wexler Graham.
    • Tom Cavanagh appeared as the boys' uncle Jimmy, long before he was making the Flash's life miserable.
  • The Scrappy: Missy. She does nothing but complicate Jack's life, first with her wanting to date him, the pregnancy scare, and her inability to see anyone else's position, cares only about herself, and worst of all, detracts the plot away from Jack and Bobby's development into their adult selves.