YMMV: Ixia and Sitia

  • Cliff Hanger: At the end of Shadow Study Yelena still doesn't have her magic back...and then realizes that she's pregnant.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Yelena and Opal have some pretty awful dreams about their past experiences.
  • Show, Don't Tell: Maria V. Snyder's style is occasionally a bit awkward, and sometimes veers into this.
  • Professional Killer: Valek's former profession, and arguably still his job after the Commander's takeover of Ixia. Killing isn't his only job as he also serves as The Spymaster, but it is something he's called upon to do quite a bit.
  • Purity Sue / God-Mode Sue: Yelena, more so as the series goes on. Beautiful and intelligent; Valek, who apparently 'never took interest in a woman before' falls for her; Cahil was interested in her; she's a powerful Soulfinder and also the only one in all of Sitia or Ixia; raped and abused when she was younger... the list goes on.