YMMV / Istanbul Intrigues

  • Drinking Game: The Russians sent an agent to engage a Turkish official at this and get information out of him. Sort of an alcoholic Combat by Champion. However it was the Russian that ended up under the table. Even a Russian , at least in this case, couldn't out drink a Turk!
    • Amusingly Turks are Muslims and Muslims are forbidden to drink. Certain Turks however ignore it and their Rakı (nicknamed "Lion's Milk") is well known.
      • It's mostly a culture thing: yes, Muslims are forbidden to drink, but in Turkey, they are forbidden to drink in public (not places like restaurants though, you just can't walk around with a bottle of beer in hand). What you do in your private home doesn't concern anyone but you, so people can drink themselves to death for all they care as long as it doesn't spill outside your front door. Ironically, this phenomenon can be seen in the more conservative and religious cities in Turkey: Konya has the highest levels of Rakı compsumption while also holding the title as the most religious city in Turkey.