YMMV / Island in the Sea of Time

  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: When the characters discuss what might have happened to the world "uptime," anyone who has read the Emberverse novels knows just how wrong they are—the forces behind the Event also led to the Change, a re-writing of the laws of physics that led to the death of untold millions.
    • They do realize that many very nasty things could've happened as side-effects of the Event though. Dwelling on them was extremely unhealthy however, and as a result a set of unwritten taboos on discussing the Event gradually developed.
  • Memetic Mutation: The term "ISOT" for Mass Teleportation after the title of the first book has become ubiquitous amongst Alternate History circles.
  • Narm: Marian Alston's inconsistent accent. It comes and goes throughout the books, and when it's there, all it does is distract from whatever she's saying. Particularly painful is the scene in the first book where she deliberately employs a thick accent in an attempt to scare the Lisketters. Rather than making her sound like a Scary Black Woman, it makes her sound like Pogo.