YMMV / Iron Storm

  • Demonic Spiders: The Siberian brothers, those Gasmask Mooks wearing body armours. Not only can they take more damages than their regular counterparts, but they are usually equipped with the VIVDA KSK, a kind of automatic rifle firing explosive slugs which can One-Hit Kill Anderson even in Easy mode! Oh, and they are often met in corridors or closed areas, which make them even more lethal. Their dangerousity is actually a (tiny) bit reduced compared to what you expect: first, their gasmasks is only cosmetical and doesn't protect from mustard gas and LSD grenades; second, a VIVDA KSK magazine only holds five rounds so then must reload often.
  • Genius Bonus : This game has plenty of interesting tidbits for the European history buff. The actual European front line of the war is the Iron Curtain made literal, and there are multiple allusions to the Russian Civil War. Even the town of Wolfenburg seems to be an alternate version of the German city of Wolfsburg, at least if the factory that looks suspiciously like the Volkswagen plant is anything to go by. Even some of the Russo-Mongol equipment obliquely references actual Soviet weaponry from the 1950s.
  • Goddamn Bats: Well-hidden snipers and rabid dogs with suicide bombs attached are particularly annoying.
  • Paranoia Fuel : The use of sound effects is often very atmospheric, especially in the levels taking place in a dilapidated abandoned town. There's also one specific Doom Doors sound that makes the Ghost Town scenery genuinely creepy.
  • Spiritual Licensee : Probably the closest you'll ever get to a game adaptation of Orwell's 1984 — general Just Before the End / Ruins of the Modern Age grimness, a Forever War between twentieth century superpowers fueled by fanatical propaganda, etc.