YMMV / Invasion America

  • Complete Monster: The Dragit is the military commander of Tyrus and the Evil Uncle of the emperor Cale-Oosha. When he makes an attempt to overthrow Cale and Cale manages to escape, ending up on Earth where he fathers a son named David, the Dragit, upon learning of them, attempts to murder the baby and his mother. Installing a secret base on the moon, he reveals his plan to use a weapon to have asteroids bombard America, causing countless deaths, until the country gives in, whereupon the Dragit will continue the process with every nation on Earth, killing millions, until humanity gives in. When David is captured in the finale, the Dragit opts to personally attempt to murder his great-nephew, his rhetoric about saving Tyrus a front for his own cruelty and lust for power.
  • Ho Yay: Gordon and Lomack had some moments of this.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Literally. The entire dream sequence from episode five can make you not want to sleep for days.
    Creepy Mob: Kill him! KILL HIM!
  • The Woobie: David. Someone needs to give that kid a hug.