YMMV / Inu Boku SS

  • Awesome Music: The first opening, "Nirvana," by MUCC, if for no other reason than those mind-blowing vocals.
  • Contemptible Cover: The first few manga covers, but especially the first, feature some very ecchi art. It's almost enough to make prospective buyers think it's a raunchy sex comedy instead of a heartwarming, Maison Ikkoku-style drama with supernatural elements. Notable in that the actual story itself is not very heavy on the Fanservice.
  • Ear Worm: Every. Single. Ending.
  • Ho Yay: Between Karuta and Ririchiyo such as former trying to feed latter, much to Nobara's delight.
    • Almost entirely one-sided, but also Zange and Soushi, as Zange tends to flirt and fawn over Soushi when they're together. Soushi lets him without protest though.
    • In the reincarnation timeline there seems to be shades of this occurring between Zange and Renshou, with them playing at a "mommy" and "daddy" act.
  • Moe: Ririchiyo, Karuta and Chino.
  • Uncanny Valley: Maid 3, his eyes look like they were painted on his face.